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The Comaxima Eco-Green Technology CO., Ltd. was established in 1980. We are specialized
in the design and manufacturing the machinery of coil forming equipment. Our principles are
sincerity, quality and productivity.
For more than 30 years constantly researching and developing, Comaxima has accumulated the technical
know how, the manufacturing experiences. Our company’s goal is to provide the best service
and the most reliable products to the industry.
In the meantime, for the best after sell service, we are willing to offer technique consulting,
procedure design, facilities modeling to our customers. Recently, we are working on developing a eco emulsion technology to provide a more efficent and economic technology.
We promise to keep improving our quality, reliability and we believe all our customers can enjoy
a profitable business in their countries.

* ECH-A 節能均質乳化重油機 ECH-A ECO Emulsion Machine
* ECH-B 柴油環保節油設備 ECH-B Nano-Diesel Processing Equipment
* ECH-BV 柴油環保節油器 ECH-BV Nano-Diesel Processing Equipment for Diesel Vehicles
* ECH-D 瓦斯節能筒 ECH-D ECO-Gas Equipment
* ECH-DV series 載具瓦斯節能筒 ECH-D ECO-Gas Equipment for LPG vehicles
* JY-100 自動整直彎U管機 Automatic Hair Pin Bending Machine
* JY-200 手擴管機Manual Expander
* JY-200-1 擴喇叭頭機Expander Gun
* JY-300 立式漲管機Vertical Expander Specification
* JY-400 小U彎管機Automatic U-Type Brass Pipe Bending Machine
* JY-400-1 自動清洗研磨機Clearing & De-burring Machine
* JY-400-2 脫水高速烘乾機Hang-Door dehydration Machine
* JY-400-3 自動整形套環機O-ring inserting Machine
* JY-400-4 全自動焊圈製造機High Speed Ring Making Machine
* JY-450 鋸片研磨機Saw Slice & De-burring Machine
* JY-500 自動燒焊機Automatic Brazing Machine
* JY-600 測漏設備Leakage Test Machine &High Speed connection
* JY-700 脫脂乾燥設備Dryer
* JY-800 折曲機Tube Array Arrangement Machine
* JY-900 自動高速沖片機High Speed Fin Press Line
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